The atelier concept originated in India with the Kirana; a small, family run shop that served the community. The Kirana concept was embraced in Europe and inspired some of the fashion houses to create their ateliers. Aranyani’s state-of-the-art atelier takes its inspiration from the Indian Kirana as well as the ateliers of Europe. Founder and Creative Director Haresh Mirpuri’s team trains alongside the top leather craftspeople from Europe’s leading fashion and luxury brands for three years before they begin working in the Aranyani Atelier. Aranyani’s atelier provides an inspiring, enriching environment for their artisans to collaborate and create. Each exquisitely crafted handbag is the collective result of their inspirations, talents and dedicated craftsmanship.

The Story Behind Stone Drops

The number of stones used in the Stone Drops’ rims are aligned with the Hemachandra Numbers. Hemachandra discovered the golden ratio 50 years before Fibbonaci, in the year 1202. The Hemachandra numbers can be seen in many of nature’s most exquisite designs; in the simple petals of a daisy, the elegant compositions of Sanskrit poetry, and in the dynamic rhythms of the Tango. The Hemachandra inspired designs of the studded rims connect the Stone Drops collection to the exquisite rhythms of nature.

The Story Behind Kesuda

The Kesuda flower (Butea Monosperma} is said to be between 600 million and 1.2 billion years old. The Kesuda doesn’t blossom, it explodes into bursts of flame colored petals which create the image of a massive fire in the field. This is why it is often referred to as the “Flame of the Forest.” Indians consider the Kesuda to be sacred and affectionately refer to it as, “treasurer of the gods”. Their pastel blossoms elicit feelings of tranquility and calm, while the vibrantly hued petals transmit confidence and power. Aranyani’s team of embroiders and painters create each one of a kind Kesuda design, in the spirit of this flower’s exquisite, natural beauty.

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