“Our company is only as valuable as the positive impact we have on the world around us.”

-Haresh Mirpuri

Rooted in the spirit of conscious luxury, Aranyani’s brand philosophy is based on the three principles of SAI - Service, Awareness, and Inclusivity. These beliefs find their roots in the ancient Indian texts, The Vedas.

Service is derived from the Vedic saying which translates as, “Treat Your Guest as God.” Aranyani’s business is focused on embodying this ideal to benefit all stakeholders, employees, customers, and anyone else who is involed with the brand.

The Vedas describe Awareness as “Enlightened Wisdom is the Absolute God” and encourage all to live in constant awareness. This informs how Aranyani is run as a business - from our focus on environmentalism and sustainability, to our commitment to our workforce. Every aspect of our business is considered with complete awareness of all the other aspects.

“From One Becomes Many” is how the Vedas define Inclusivity. At Aranyani, each decision is considered in light of the effect it will have on the company as a whole. The company is considered the sum of its parts, and no one part or person is more important than any other.

As we aim to bring modern Indian luxury and our traditional artisanal heart to today's conscious consumer, we are also committed to staying true to our beliefs and values.