Positive Impact

Industry Innovation And Infrastructure

Aranyani foster development of economy and the environment at the same time. Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

  • Aranyani aims at getting the World’s best machines to produce every bag with utmost details on the skills and the technology used.
  • Aranyani practices digitization across departments aiming to go paperless.
  • Aranyani bring forth unparalleled art forms in the designs, the company provides training to the artists, whose skill is reflected through the hand-painted bags, to foster their imagination skill.
  • At Aranyani, in order to infuse harmonious creation between heritage, artistry and timeless craftsmanship artists gets trained under famous painters every 6 months which makes them re-invent their thoughts frequently.

Responsible Consumption And Production

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns in order to satisfy everyone’s basic needs.

  • Aranyani aims at optimal use of raw materials and efficient planning of each stages of manufacturing to achieve Zero Wastage by the start of the year 2025.
  • At Aranyani, the Production Team has taken a responsible step in reducing the costs and wastage by following the buy plan upon the approval of the board.

Affordable And Clean Energy

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

  • Aranyani commits to improve the environment with the usage of Solar Power at the commercial project and at the new manufacturing plant by March 2022.
  • Aranyani is making a conscious effort monitoring and reducing the carbon footprints on a monthly basis.
  • Aranyani uses LED and Solar lighting in the Office premises in order to reduce the energy consumption.

Climate Action

We are the Generation with the real opportunity to save the World. Taking urgent action to tackle climate change and its impacts.

  • Aranyani understands that Investments in Technology is one of the major and most influential factors in achieving this goal.
  • Aranyani has partnered and incubated with companies working on controlling air pollution at a subsidized rate to encourage companies working towards good cause.
  • Aranyani also helps them in R&D and Launch of the product.